Helping you be your best.


Helping you be your best.


Anita Hodges is a well respected professional coach to the small business entrepreneur. Though she specializes in the real estate and mortgage industry, her coaching expertise has been utilized by professionals from many other industries. Anita’s track record is impeccable. Having coached literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, many have earned national recognition in their industries as as top performers.

As an entrepreneur for most of her own life, Anita experienced years ago how important both knowledge and mindset can be. “What do I do next?” and “Can I really do this?” are common questions a business owner asks. Drawing on years of business acumen, Anita deftly uses a combination of systems and intuition to work with her clients. She knows that you not only have to know what to do, but you must also believe you can do it.

Her highly developed listening skills give each coaching session a custom feel as she draws her clients step by step to their goal. They know they can count on her to be fully present, wise and discerning as she helps them navigate the ever-changing environment of today’s business climate.

* 10 Years Professional Coaching Experience
* John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker
* Certified Behavioral Consultant
* Extensive training with the MAPS coaching models
* Graduate with Honors: Institute of Hard Knocks
* 2 Time Half Dome summit-er


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